- The USDA Animal Plant Health and inspection Service (APHIS) recently granted Virginia Tech Dept. of Sustainable Biomaterials $126,100.00 to study the "Steam/Vacuum treatment of high risk, large timber solid wood packaging material and dunnage".

Dr. White and Dr. Chen are co-principle investigators. Conventional heating treatment fumigation methods are ineffective for treatment of these large timber 8"X 8" and thicker wood members when they are quarantined upon arrival into the US or for pre-shipment when equipment is exported on large skids. The steam/vacuum method can heat treat these large wood skids in compliance with ISPM 15, efficiently. During this research the timbers will be inoculated with larvae and efficacy will be determined. Treating schedules. Previously APHIS funded research has confirmed that this patented process can Heat Treat Hardwood veneer logs without any adverse effect on veneer quality or yield. Recently South Korea has suspended all Walnut logs from TCD infected US regions until an alternative to Methyl Bromide fumigation is determined. This could be just the tip of the iceberg as more countries prohibit the use of Methyl Bromide. Log treatment is the second largest use of this ozone depleting chemical and it is known not to penetrate effectively into  logs or large timber  For more information about this process for efficiently Heat Treating large wood timbers and logs, contact Dr. Marshall White President of White and Company LLC at mswhite@whiteandcompany.net.


About White&Co: White & Company was founded in 2007 by Dr. Marshall S. White as an independent packaging research, software development, and consulting firm, focused on delivering "systems-based" unit load solutions to manufacturers and distributors. Dr. White is a globally recognized expert on unit load analysis and pallet design. He leads development of packaging software solutions including Best Load™, a proprietary packaging optimization program of the unit load, and Best Pallet™, a stringer pallet design and analysis software program. Recognized by Modern Materials Handling Magazine as one of the Top 10 MH professionals in the new millennium, White also led the Virginia Tech team that created NWPCA's Pallet Design System.

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