White & Co. Announces Sale of Best Pallet™ Software Tool

Blacksburg, VA - October 30, 2012 - Packaging research and consulting firm White & Company announced today Best Pallet™, a stringer pallet design and structural analysis software tool, is now available for sale and download on the company's website. Best Pallet™ is five times less costly than other similar commercial pallet design and analysis tools.

"The response from our free trial version has been extremely positive. Overwhelmingly, feedback from users shows they are most pleased with the software's structural analysis capability relative to the price point of the software. Ease of use and the design capabilities also have gotten high marks," says Dr. Marshall White, president of White & Company. The software designs, analyzes, and optimizes stringer pallets, and creates detailed specifications with graphics.

"We have also had considerable interest in the software from the international community. The ability to convert measurements from U.S. standard to metric and back has definite appeal in pallet design globally," adds White.

Dr. White, who led the team that developed the pallet industry association's Pallet Design System (PDS), is seeking to give supply chain owners the ability to minimize product damage, workplace safety, and load failure resulting from poor pallet design. "Optimizing pallet design requires detailed knowledge of the demands of each unique system from production line through distribution, storage, and retail display. Best Pallet™ gives packaging professionals, buyers, end users and pallet manufacturers the ability to participate in the optimization process."

The software is available for annual lease on two computers for $995, with discounts available for multiple licensing. Licensees will own the pallet designs they produce indefinitely, regardless of lease renewal. Technical support and updates are included in the subscription price. A free trial is also available online.

Dr. White and his team of experts developed Best Pallet's™ 3-D mathematical model based on over 30 years of research on the scientific principles of wood properties and systems-based design while directing Virginia Tech's Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design. Behind Best Pallet's™ straight-forward user interface, lies finite element structural analysis techniques and engineering fundamentals combined with years of laboratory and field testing. The software calculates estimates of pallet strength and deformation based on user-specified descriptions of the pallet and its handling environment.

Dr. White is a professor emeritus at Virginia Tech and serves as president of White & Co. He is a globally recognized expert on unit load analysis and pallet design. White & Company was founded in 2007 as an independent packaging research, software development, and consulting firm, focused on delivering 'systems-based' unit load solutions to manufacturers and distributors.

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