ISTA Webinar Features White & Co.'s New Research on 'Compression Stress Modeling in the Unit Load'

Blacksburg, VA June 14, 2012 Packaging research and consulting firm White & Company, LLC (White & Co.) announced today that it will kick off the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Webinar Series by presenting its newly published research findings on compression stress distribution modeling in the unit load on June 26 at 2:30pm EST.

"By considering the dynamics of compression stress within the unit load, we can reduce packaging in unitized shipments by as much as 20 percent," said White & Co. Principal Dr. Marshall S. White. "This research is essential to achieving the most cost effective, safe and sustainable unit load design."

"Our goal is to keep members and packaging industry professionals up-to-date on the newest innovations and best practices in transport packaging. We believe Dr. White's research offers meaningful insight into the safe transport of unit loads, having broad implications on everything from warehouse safety to product damage to responsible packaging. His presentation was one of the highest rated at ISTA's International Transport Packaging Forum this Spring, so we are kicking off our series with these research findings," said Ed Church, ISTA President.

Webinar participants will learn how the research was conducted, detailed findings and its implications on packaging design. The event is free to ISTA members and $45 for non-members. Registration for the webinar, titled "Modeling Compression Stress Distributions at the Interface Between Pallet Decks and Distribution Packaging," is available on the ISTA website. Content for this program is geared toward packaging design engineers and industry professionals. The white paper and presentation slides that accompany this event are available on the White & Co. web site.

Dr. White is a globally recognized expert on unit load analysis and pallet design. Recognized by Modern Materials Handling Magazine as one of the Top 10 MH professionals in the new millennium, White also led the Virginia Tech team that created NWPCA's Pallet Design System and Best Load™, a proprietary software for packaging optimization of the unit load.

About White & Co: White & Company was founded in 2007 by Dr. Marshall S. White as an independent packaging research, software development, and consulting firm, focused on delivering "systems-based" unit load solutions to manufacturers and distributors. Best Load™ packaging optimization services are available exclusively through White & Company. For information on Best Load™ consulting and research services, visit the web at

About ISTA: International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) is an organization focused on the specific concerns of transport packaging and our mission is to develop and deliver standards, educational programs and tools for the economic, social and environmental optimization of packaging systems. ISTA pioneered the concept of package performance testing and certification over 60 years ago and today our test procedures, standards and certification programs are at the forefront of Responsible Transport Packaging. ISTA members include shippers who manufacture and distribute products, carriers who provide the distribution means, organizations that supply packaging materials and services, and testing laboratories that perform packaged-product performance tests.