New Best Load™ Packaging Design Optimization Software Utilized At Continuing Education Courses For Packaging and Procurement Professionals

Blacksburg, VA – March 12, 2012 – Packaging research and consulting firm White & Company, LLC (White & Co.) announced today that it will partner with Virginia Tech’s  Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design to offer two systems-based packaging and pallet design short courses using  the newly released proprietary software Best Load™, a packaging design integration and optimization tool.

“Virginia Tech’s Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design is pleased to again partner with Dr. White in bringing these newly updated courses to packaging industry and procurement professionals. Adding an interactive design component to the courses gives participants an immediate understanding of the impact of the interactions between pallet, package and material handling devices – a key concept to systems-based design,” says Laszlo Horvath, director of the University’s Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design.

The curriculum uses Best Load™ for custom design and unit load simulation activities that let professionals develop skills to diagnose and problem solve material handling issues and optimization opportunities. Both programs are taught over a two-day weekend and are intended for packaging and pallet procurement and logistics professionals as well as suppliers.

“These courses will give attendees access to ‘hands-on’ systems-based design as well as exposure to how the software integrates the design of the platform, packaging and shipping components of the unit load,” says Dr. Marshall White, who led the team in developing the software and serves as president of White & Co. “Both courses will also provide the opportunity to use the software to optimize pallet and unit load designs.”  Dr. White, who is also Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech, will be the instructor for both courses.

The first course, Wood Pallet Design, is a fresh redesign of CULD’s most popular short course for pallet industry professionals.  Participants will learn the effect of pallet design and selection on material handling costs, fundamentals of new and remanufactured stringer class pallet design, designing block class pallets and designing stringer class pallets using Best Load™.  The short course ( will be April 17-18 on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va.

The second course, Unit Load Design, will focus participants on principles of unit load design and include a unit load material handling audit. Students will use Best Load™ to design packages and stringer pallets while learning about the interactions between material handling equipment, packaging, and pallets. Diagnosing and solving material handling problems will also be covered using the Best Load™ software. The short course ( will be May 15-17 in Blacksburg, Va.

According to White, the short courses provide procurement professionals an opportunity to learn how to reduce their company’s pallet and packaging spend. Suppliers will learn ways to optimize the cost and performance of their products and logistics professionals will learn new ideas how to reduce supply chain operating costs.

About Virginia Tech’s Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design:  Based in the Department of Wood Science and Forest Products, the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design tests and develops technologies to optimize material handling efficiency, and focuses on packaging, palletization, material handling and unit load design.

About White & Co: White & Company was founded in 2007 by Dr. Marshall S. White as an independent packaging research, software development, and consulting firm, focused on delivering “systems-based” unit load solutions to manufacturers and distributors.  Best Load™ packaging optimization services are available exclusively through White & Company. For information on Best Load™ consulting and research services, visit the web at or call 540-449-2100.

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