Best Load™ Technical Support

Installation Instructions

Below are detailed, step-by-step instructions for installing Best Load™. If you have any questions or concerns during this process, please contact us at

  1. Download the file Load.msi at
    Click on the “Save File” button. This will take a few minutes.
  2. When the download is complete a window will open.
    • If it gives you the option to run, open, or save the file, click “Run.”
    • If the window is titled "Downloads" and lists the name and size of the file, double click the file name.
  3. Click “Run” on the security warning that appears mentioning load.msi.
  4. In the "Best Load™ Setup" window that appears, click “Next.”
  5. Unless you want to change where the software is stored on your computer, click “Next” again. (The software will be placed in the "C:\Program Files\White and Company\Best Load\" folder.)
  6. Click “Install.” 
  7. A pop-up titled “User Account Control” may appear. If it does, click “Yes.”
  8. When the software installation is complete, click “Finish.” 
  9. Find the Best Load™ icon that should appear on your computer's desktop.  Please double click on this icon to start the program.
    • If you cannot find the icon on your desktop you can start the program as follows: My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > White and Company > Best Load > Best Load (file with icon showing machine gears)
  10. Upon starting Best Load™ you will be prompted to enter your Invoice ID, which was included in the purchase receipt sent to you via e-mail. The same code will be used for each computer for which you purchased a license during the sales transaction.
  11. After entering the Invoice ID, please read and accept the license agreement that is presented.
  12. Verify that the computer you are using is the one on which you want to activate Best Load™.
  13. Best Load™ will automatically open your e-mail program and generate an e-mail to be sent to White & Co. This e-mail mentions your license acceptance and provides information that will be required to allow Best Load™ activation on your computer.  Click “Send.” Best Load™ will close.
  14. Check your e-mail for a reply from White & Co. containing an activation code, which will be unique to each computer.
  15. Restart Best Load™ after the activation code has been received.  Enter the code where prompted to enable the full use of Best Load™.  

Invoice ID vs. Activation Code

The full process of enabling Best Load™ requires two codes:

  • The first is the Invoice ID you received in the e-mail receipt of purchase. It will be the same on each computer for which you have purchased a license.
  • The second code is the activation code, which is unique for each computer that is being enabled. You must send the e-mail that is automatically generated by the software from the exact computer you wish to activate before you can receive an activation code, which will be e-mailed back to you by White & Co.

Summary of Installation/Activation

  • Install Best Load™ on a computer.
  • Start Best Load™ on that computer, which will lead to an automatically generated e-mail being sent from that computer to White & Co.
  • Wait for an e-mail reply from White & Co. containing the activation code for the computer that generated the e-mail.
  • Restart Best Load™ on the same computer and enter the activation code.

FAQ - Best Load™

Where can I review the Best Load™ license agreement?
Click here to view and print it.

Can I reuse my activation code on a second computer?
No, each activation code is unique to each computer. Users must install the Best Load™ download and fill in the requested information (including the Invoice ID sent from White & Co at time of purchase), which will prompt an e-mail. Once the e-mail is sent, the user will receive a reply with a unique activation code.

Are software updates included in the cost of my yearly lease?
Yes, we will notify you of updates via email. One year of technical support (, 1-800-942-7943) is also included with your subscription.

When does my subscription date begin?
Best Load™ subscription dates begin on the day you receive the first activation code and will run for 1 year from that date.

Will I be notified of my expiration date automatically?
Upon opening the software, an expiration notice will display within 30 days of the lease-end date and for the last 10 days of your subscription.

My Best Load™ PDF output is very small. How do I correct this?
Update your .pdf conversion software.